Friday, July 12, 2013

Someone is 2

This post is a little delayed, as E's birthday was a few days ago. Better late than never!

My wish to have time slow down (or even better, stop for a while) was not granted. My baby is 2! I am not sure how this happened. One day I brought home a teeny little guy and the next thing I know my guy is 2.

When E was born, he was the tiniest baby I had ever seen. His little body was going through a lot of changes and he had his days and nights mixed up (so much fun for mommy). He's come a loooooong way to this energetic toddler who has absolutely no fear. None.

E can:
  • say short sentences, usually beginning with "I want"
  • run and is trying to skip
  • do a half somersault (we're working on it)
  • climb to get what he wants (mama's not so happy about this one)
  • turn the tv on when it's time for his shows
  • climb the stairs and go back down again
  • feed himself with a spoon and almost spear things with his fork (still needs a little help on that one)
This might seem silly to some people, but if you had known E when he was born...well, let's just say that this is a miracle to me. My aunt (a special education teacher) even thinks he's advanced in some areas, which puts me over the moon. There's an old saying that every mother has the cutest baby and in this case, it's the truth. I love my little stinker. Love might not be a strong enough word. When he barrels himself into my arms calling, "Mama, mama!" I melt every time. When I started this process, I wondered if I would ever be called that by my child. Now, I get a thrill every. single. time. Happy birthday my sweet E. Mama loves you!

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