Friday, June 7, 2013

My Story Part 1

I've decided to start a blog to share my situation with other adoptive families. I'm a single mother by choice through adoption to an amazing little boy. He's the light of my life and each day brings its own unique challenges and joys.

So how did it start?

I turned 30. Yup, the big 3-0. It was a number I never thought I'd see. After all, I was 21 at heart and certainly didn't feel a decade older. I struggled with it. I tried to fight it. And then my friend had her baby...and the pieces clicked into place. She was so happy with her little girl and I knew then that I was ready to start my own family. You see, I have always wanted to be a mother through adoption. Always. I've never had the need to have my "own" baby with biological ties. Maybe this is because I was adopted as an infant to wonderful parents. They never made me feel like I wasn't truly "theirs" because we didn't have the same genetics. I'd also always felt that I'd do this on my own, as a single mother. In my 20's, I'd extensively researched adopting a baby from China. I waited patiently until I was old enough to apply, only to find out that China had greatly restricted their program qualifications. So I went to plan B: Ethiopia. I had the paperwork filled out with the perfect agency when my father called with some research he had done on domestic adoptions. He asked that I check them out before proceeding.

I've seen the Lifetime movies on the adoptions gone wrong. I've read the articles in the paper and seen the news stories. I didn't want to bond with a baby and have it taken back by its biological parents months later. But, to humor him, I began to call around. It was then I learned that the movies were just that, fiction. I could successfully adopt as a single mother and be placed with a newborn. Wow. A mom from the beginning of a child's life. I switched to my new Plan A and began the proceedings for domestic adoption.

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