Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Last Leg

After gathering my backpack, suitcase, car seat, and stroller (and figuring out a way to haul it all), I made my way to the rental car desk. The girl was so helpful, even upgrading me to a larger car when she found out I was in Texas to adopt my son. I was off for my 3 hour ride!

It was over 100 degrees each day of my stay and today was no exception. I drove for hours with no houses in sight and the only cell reception was through tiny little run down towns that looked like sets from zombie movies. I saw tumbleweed for the first time in my life and prayed that the heat didn't break down my car. And then suddenly, I was there.

I pulled into the McDonalds for a bathroom break, but also for a last ditch attempt to wrap my mind around what was going to happen next. P, the agency representative, called me to see where I was and to find out when I was going to get to the hospital. It turned out I was 5 minutes away. I got into my car and headed to meet my son.

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