Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Match

The wait was on for 4 long days. I cleaned (which I hate to do), went out with friends (which I love to do), and did anything I could to stay busy and keep my mind off of whether this was meant to be my baby. I called the agency daily, but all they could say was that it would be another day before they knew anything. So finally I packed my things for a week long stay at my parents' house. At least I would have good company while I waited!

It was there I made a decision: if I didn't hear from the agency about the baby today, I would move on to the other birth moms they needed to match. And then I received an e-mail: the medical information was attached, and if I wanted to proceed I was to call them and let them know. Of course I wanted this baby!..and yet my stomach was in knots. I panicked. How could I raise a baby by myself? It was one thing to look at the empty room and price baby furniture, but another to know that this was really going to happen. My life was about to completely change. 

So I talked to my friend who had a beautiful little girl just a year before and she gave me the best advice: that, yes your life will change, but now you have a little buddy to do things with. You'll be a team of two instead of running solo.

I was going to be a mom in less than a month and I was so excited!

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